High Performance Alarms

High Performance Alarms

Omega develops and manufactures custom piezo alarms and sound sources tailored to individual customer needs. Our customers for these specialty sound sources require performance characteristics that are not met by standard off-the- shelf piezo alarms such as the ability to operate at high ambient temperature, with extremely high loudness, with very high reliability, over a specific frequency range or any combination of these.

These custom sound sources that Omega manufactures include ones that provide:

  • extremely high sound pressure levels/loudness at room temperature (in excess of 130 dB at one meter)
  • high sound pressure level/loudness at high operating temperatures (continuous operation at 250 ºF and short duration operation at 500 ºF)
  • very high reliability
  • low electrical power consumption

In addition to piezo sound source optimization for a particular application Omega also offers assistance in:

  • Design and fabrication of acoustic amplification such as Helmholtz chambers in system housings.
  • Design of electronics to drive the sound sources
  • Testing of sound pressure levels of various sound sources and customer products