About Us

About Us

Omega Piezo Technologies, Inc. manufactures a wide range of piezoelectric, alumina and scintillator crystal products. Our piezoelectric products and services encompass piezoelectric components, contract transducer and system manufacturing as well as engineering support services. Our piezoceramic components consist of a variety of material compositions including hard and soft PZTs. These piezoceramics can be produced in as-fired or precision machined forms and with various electrode types and patterns. Our piezoelectric single crystals are PMN-PT. Our alumina consists of high purity ceramics in a variety of shapes and sizes for thermal and mechanical applications.

Omega is currently supplying customers with products in volumes from a few hundred to >1 million pieces/year.

Omega was first established in 2001 and has been developing and manufacturing its innovative products for over 20 years. It has a highly experienced technical staff with two PhD level engineers with over 60 years of combined experience in the piezo industry. They have expertise in materials science and acoustics as well as piezoelectric transducer/sensor/actuator design, development, manufacturing and testing. Such a combination of expertise gives Omega great strength in developing and manufacturing advanced piezoelectric materials and transducers. Engineers in the technical team also have experience in 6σ, cycle time reduction, ISO 9000 quality systems, manufacturing work teams and lean manufacturing. Our engineers work closely with individual customers to provide total solutions to satisfy their needs.

Omega’s has operations in various locations around the world including:

  • State College, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Sylvania, Georgia, USA
  • Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Shanghai, China