Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Omega produces Ultrasonic Flow Sensors to be used in applications which require the ultrasonic metering of liquids. Such Flow Sensors are widely used to measure fluid flow parameters which has recently become increasingly important for numerous industries.

We offer various designs of sensors with different specifications and features that can even be adapted according to customer‘s requirements.

Our high quality sensors can work under high pressures and across a wide range of temperatures.

Omega’s core strength in the area of flow sensors is the that we have the capability to adjust the specifications of our Flow Sensors to meet the specific requirements of our customers and their application. These custom flow sensors can be developed to suit your unique flow measurement needs.

Please see our flow sensor products and contact us with any questions you have or to develop a custom flow sensor to meet your specific application.

Bandwith (3dB) khZ Capacitance pF Impedance Ω Sensitivity Relative
Variation Ratio %
Insulation Resistance Ω Max. Drive Voltage V Operating Temperature C° Storage Temperature C°
OPT15-10A 1000 200 700 100 ≤10 >1G 200 +2~+100 C° -20~+85 C°
OPT21-17A 1000 200 1200 200 ≤10 >1G 200 +2~+100 C° -20~+85 C°
OPT21-17B 1000 200 1200 200 ≤10 >1G 200 +2~+100 C° -20~+85 C°


10A drawing


17B drawing


17B drawing

Length (L) – as per customer’s request.